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The Estrela Mountain Dog Association of America

As the breed gains more interest in the USA, we decided to begin an American breed club, hence the EMDAA was born at the end of 2001. We found that more and more people from the USA were contacting Secretaries and Breeders from all over Europe asking about this wonderful breed, having no one to talk to in their home country. This club is for anyone who has an interest in the Estrela Mountain Dog, whether they are owners or not. If you are interested in joining us please contact our club secretary

AKC Meet the Breed - East Coast/West Coast!


The Estrela Mountain Dog will be representing at both the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (Saturday February 14th) and at the Seattle Kennel Club Dog Show (March 7th and 8th)!

East Coast/West Coast? Come on by, we'd love to meet you & have you meet our dogs!

#AKCEstrelaMountainDog - don't forget to snap some pix!

Calling all members!

EMDAA CalendarWe are now accepting photos for the next (2015/2016) Estrela Mountain Dog calendar!

NEW THIS YEAR!!! We're making an 18 month calendar this year!! More Estrelas to love!!


Key submission points: 

BIG! - be sure to send photos that are at least 1165 x 1325
DOGS! - dogs (and other animals) only please, no people in photos
LANDSCAPE! - if you use your amazing smart phone (some of which have really great resolution!) be sure to turn your camera sideways, so the picture is wider than it is tall.
LEADS? - we can photoshop out lots of stuff, like leads, or debris - so, if you have a great pic 'BUT' - upload it anyway, we'll see what we can do!

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